Frequently Asked Questions . . .

Q:  How long does a photo shoot take?

A:  Normally, it's good to put a 1.5 ~ 2.5 hour window aside for taking photos for homes up to 2,500 square feet. 

Q:  How much advance notice do you need to schedule a photo shoot?

A: The more the better. Usually, 2-4 days is sufficient.. For homes with ocean views or some type of fantastic views, it's best to let us know asap and we need to schedule a fairly clear day to show views properly. This may require patience on your sellers' part, with the understanding that we are aiming to show the views and house at its best.

Q: What is your cancellation policy?

A: Things happen from time to time that are out of our control, so we don't worry about this. Feel free to copy our 'Preparing Your Home' section, and send it to your clients.

Q: What separates you from the competition?

A: We're passionate about what we do. We don't photograph puppies or babies- although we have an affinity for both- we've spent many years refining our techniques which allow us to deliver high end results, using high end techniques, at affordable prices. And our work is guaranteed- you don't pay unless your happy with our work. 

Q: What about pricing?  

A: You can find a full list of pricing here:

Preparing Your Home...

It's important for the potential buyers to be able to focus on the key features of your home. Online images make an important first impression, the following will help with showing your home at its best:

  • Remove all vehicles from driveways and try not to park directly in front of the house
  • Schedule any repairs, inspections, or other individuals who need to access the property to be on a different day than the photo shoot.
  • If you have a couple of tomatoes, lemons, limes, a nice bottle of oil and vinegar, we can stage the kitchen cooking area.  
  • Open window coverings to let in the natural light and neighborhood views (vertical and Venetian blinds turned to open position).
  • Clean windows.  
  • Remove any items which may be taped or otherwise fastened to the refrigerator.
  • Remove everything from sinks.  
  • Remove all you can from countertops (bread, dishes, toothpaste, combs, soap, food, toiletries, hand towels, ...). An artsy cookie jar or a bouquet of flowers would look nice in the kitchen.
  • Make all beds and tidy up bedrooms. Hide all clothes.  Hang them up nicely in closets. Or just stuff them under your bed.
  • Hide all toys, or keep them in the kids' closets.
  • Remove pet bowls, toys and litter boxes from rooms that will be photographed.
  • Put away newspapers and magazines.  
  • Make sure all light bulbs work.  Clean light bulbs of dust. Some homes shoot better with lights on and some don't. Will know after seeing it.
  • Roll up or hide garden hoses and hide all garden tools.  
  • Put trash into outside trash bins.  Hide all trash containers.
  • Get the lawn mowed and edged, the weeds pulled, and leaves picked up.  
  • Make sure the pool and pool area are sparkling clean.  If you have temporary child fencing, take that down for the photo shoot.  Turn on the  pumps for the water falls/spillways.
  • Help the photographer by keeping pets and people out of the way.
  • And most importantly:  De-clutter wherever you look.
  • And lastly, please remember, don't schedule anyone else for the day of the shoot.