Taking advantage of South Florida’s demographic. Or, ‘Why aren’t we?’ / by Brian Sokolowski

If you spend any time looking at Real Estate Photography from Europe, you’d find that it’s very different than American Real Estate Photography. In fact, they don’t even call it Real Estate Photography… it’s ‘Property Photography’ there. They don’t utilize HDR- that’s an inferior process- therefore it’s not even in their lexicon. They shoot with a lot of natural light, and flash blended with natural light. Generally they leave the lights off- this gives a much cleaner, airy and open feel to the photos, and eliminates any ugly color casts which can destroy the mood of the photo. In general, to survive as a property photographer there- you need to be good… really good. 

What has that done to the market, and to the consumer? It’s made them much more visually literate. Simply put- they’re used to looking at very high quality photography. So why aren’t we as a market taking advantage of the large European real estate contingency in South Florida? Why aren’t we bringing them home- so to speak? If you have a moment, take a look at the photography marketing page of Fantastic Frank’s Real Estate (Berlin and Stockholm) Web-site. And then have a look at The South Florida MLS.  

Fantastic Frank

I’m willing to bet that if we started to emulate what the buyers market is used to seeing, the numbers would rise. And maybe more importantly, so would your brand recognition.