Lighting a Dark and Moody Bathroom / by Brian Sokolowski

Bathrooms can be challenging. Your're dealing with color casts, reflections, more reflections, and multiple surfaces made of different materials that need to be accented a certain way, with a certain strength. HDR- besides being anything but a premium photographic method, will render this kind of room muddy, with colors more akin to melting chocolate, than a crisp, clean palette. 

I used three flashes and two separate exposures to make this seemingly simple photograph. Lighting the room as well as the small room in the background was easy enough with a soft touch. But how to light the inside of the shower without making it boring? The first exposure is just the two flashes. The second exposure was made by me holding a 'flash on a stick' over the top of the shower glass, to fill that are with light of a different strength, and to give it some separation. Then simply mask myself out of the second photo, and carefully blend the two exposures in photoshop.