Your Clients CanTell

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Exceptional imagery- more than anything else- has an immense impact on how your brand is perceived.

Take a look at which magazines are lying on your client’s coffee tables. Which shelter magazines are they looking at? Architectural Digest? Dwell? Veranda? LUXE- South Florida? Your clients don't know how those photos were made, but that's the level of photography they are used to seeing. They also expect the photography of their home to look the same. If it doesn't, they will feel like their home is not being represented fairly. We may think we’re getting a great deal from that person who’s in and out in 20 mins with 30 poorly composed, HDR images. But the truth is, there is no VALUE in that method whatsoever. When potential clients sift through hundreds of listings trying to find a home, as well as an agent, what’s going to grab their attention? How do we know? Numbers and facts. Clients who switch over to me see a huge uptick on listing platform engagement. I would love to show you the numbers. Or, we can leave it up to chance….