83% of all home buyers want to see pictures of the property online.

Thanks to social media, we've become a largely visual culture. Buyers are spending more time online doing research and want to see or take a virtual tour of the homes they're interested in before they even consider going to see it in person.

Today, the Home Buyer's search looks something like this....

  • At Aloft Foto, we're acutely aware of this. I photograph every home, and deliver every image with the expectation that your potential buyers will be looking at the details. Accurate color rendition, correct exposure, optimal lighting, etc. We literally have two seconds to grab their attention. 'Good Enough' just won't do.

  • The final images I deliver are composites of many different shots. By lighting elements in the scene individually, I can assemble a superior selection of images to work from. The post-production work I do leverages techniques which are on the cutting edge. The look I produce has only been possible over the last few years. That’s something which really makes the images I produce stand out.

  • There is a pervading notion in this field that the photos just need to be ‘good enough’. We never have, and never will buy into that notion. It’s been proven over and over that HIGH QUALITY marketing photography- not “good enough’ photography- garners more money, and does so faster. Most important of all, it elevates YOUR BRAND, opening the door for bigger and better listings. I only shoot 2-3 homes per day. Any more than that and your photographer only has time to give you ‘good enough’ results.

  • South Florida- maybe more than any city in the U.S.- has a large European/ South American demographic. They are used to seeing very high quality property photography. Here’s an example https://www.fantasticfrank.com/keep-dreaming. They can tell the difference between quality and apathy. And it’s a direct reflection on us. I remove apathy from the equation.

  • Our customer service experience is second to none. If something comes up, we take care of it immediately! You won't be speaking to a random voice half way across the country, and then waiting for an approval.

  • We pay a great deal of attention to cultural shifts, and how that affects visual marketing strategies. Then we implement those trends into a product that will benefit you. As a society in general, we're taking a minimal approach to our lives in order to combat the digital noise. Our attention spans haven't gotten shorter, we're simply more capable of weeding out the clutter faster. We have injected this into our photography style with clean, crisp compositions that focus the eye on things that matter.

  • We listen to what's important to you, and then we adapt.

  • We equate being on time with professionalism. We don't show up late to your shoots.

  • For every referral we get from you, you get 20% off your next shoot... Indefinitely.

  • Our goal is to become a trusted vendor, and to take this aspect of your business off your plate so you can concentrate on doing what you do best!