83% of all home buyers want to see pictures of the property online.

Today, the Home Buyers search looks something... like this....

  • At Aloft Foto, we're acutely aware of this. We photograph every home, and deliver every image with the expectation that your potential buyers will be looking at the details. Accurate color rendition, correct exposure, optimal lighting, etc. We literally have two seconds to grab their attention. 'Good Enough' is not part of our Brand.
  • We pay a great deal of attention to cultural shifts, and how that affects different marketing teqniques. To combat the digital noise, as a society we're taking a more minimalistic approach to our lives. How does that apply to what we do at Aloft? We make it as easy as possible for the viewer to enjoy and be excited about your listing. Clean, clutter-free compositions, crisp lighting, we make pictures that sell to the heart instead of the mind.
  • We equate punctuality with professionalism. 
  • Our work is GUARANTEED! You don't pay until you receive, and are happy with our work.
  • We're a local company. If issues arise, you won't have to speak to an anynonomous voice half way across the country- and then wait for approval. We'll take care of the problem on the spot! We know how valuable your time is.
  • We're full-time architectural photographers. We don't photograph puppies or babies- although we like both.